About Me

I am a mixed-media and jewelry artist, graphic designer, teacher, and writer. One of my missions in life is being a creativity “evangelist” of sorts.

My creative work centers around using text with different media to create jewelry, artwork, and other items which evoke meaning and inspire passion. As a teacher, I love to share ideas and techniques with people to help them develop their own creative abilities, especially with people who didn’t think they were very creative. And my writing focuses on growing creativity; especially in translating cognitive science research and theory into information that is useful to creative people.

I have an eclectic background that includes formal education in cognitive science, design, education, and engineering along with cooperative and self-taught exploration in a host of other domains from website construction to paper arts to spirituality. I have been making jewelry for over 35 years and have never met an art or craft material I didn’t love.

I have a packrat tendency, a history of existential angst, a much too tight comfort zone, and far too many unreasonable expectations for myself. I left young and hip behind awhile back and am now mature, responsible, and reliable. I am also empathetic, curious, a fast learner, and good at making things easy for people to understand. I have two children and two cats and live in the greater Seattle Metro area.

I can be reached via kfugitt (at) tempusfugitt (dot!) com (no spaces).