The Vein of Gold group is coming along fabulously, though I think some of us are torn between wanting to get together more often and feeling a little overwhelmed with the homework. It’s all good stuff, but it’s hard to keep up with everything when you have a regular life to take care of too. We just have to remember that we do what we can and mustn’t beat ourselves up when we can’t do it all. Our latest homework project, which we started in the last meeting, was to create a manifesto for some aspect of our life.

Creativity Manifesto

My Creativity Manifesto from Vein of Gold homework

This was an assignment I could really sink my teeth into 🙂

I have been collecting quotes and phrases pertaining to creativity and living for a long time to use in my artwork and this project put them to good use. I was also able to use my graphic design skills and software for the text layout, and then to have even more fun playing with art materials to create it’s final form.

Of course, I’ve already thought of more things I would like to say on the next one I make, but this one is hanging in my bedroom where I will see it every morning, and it makes me smile 🙂