Several years ago, a group of wonderful artistic-types gathered together to go through Julia Cameron’s Walking in this World and I learned about her ritual of Morning Pages. At the time, my mornings were pretty chaotic (getting two kids up and driving them to school) and writing was not part of my creative focus, so I did them reluctantly and sporadically (when I did them at all).

I am now starting her Vein of Gold book with a new fabulous group (some of them from the old wonderful group) and will be trying the Morning Pages routine again. This time I think I “get” the purpose of them at least; they can be very beneficial in clearing your mind of mental clutter and letting you focus on what you want to focus on. And this time, writing is a part of my artistic domain, so I figure I have a reasonable chance of pulling some benefit out of it and maybe even sticking with it for awhile.

Morning Pages Journal: Front Cover

Morning Pages Journal: Front Cover

Our facilitator recommended we obtain a “sexy new notebook” to write our Morning Pages in, and since the only “sexy” one I found at the store was the same as hers (I liked it, but didn’t want to risk mistaking mine for hers), I decided I needed to jazz up a plain one and make it my own 🙂

I found a plain Kraft composition book made with sugarcane paper ($2.99 at Staples) and decorated the covers with collage, stamping, and ink/stencils. I ModPodged the whole thing to seal it, and sanded it a bit to give it a bit of wear & tear. Then I put a couple of eyelets in the back cover and looped some copper-colored elastic cord around to keep it all shut. I tried not to do too much planning on it and just let it happen (very difficult for me sometimes), though I was keeping “writing” and my favorite colors in mind as I worked.

Morning Page Journal Inside Cover

Inside cover: going with the flow on my mess-up 😉

I am quite happy with the result, although I realize if I write as much as I am supposed to (3 pages every morning), it will only last me a month before I need to do another one. But I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing… 🙂